About Silverstein

A product of the early 2000s emo explosion, Canadian post-hardcore outfit Silverstein has outlasted trends while expanding their musical palette over the past two decades.

∙ Originally formed in 2000, the band selected their name as an homage to songwriter and children’s book author Shel Silverstein.
∙ After signing with punk label Victory Records, the group released their 2003 debut album, When Broken Is Easily Fixed, which unexpectedly sold more than 200,000 copies.
∙ Silverstein’s 2005 sophomore LP, Discovering the Waterfront, launched the band onto the Billboard 200 for the first time, reaching No. 34.
∙ The success of Discovering the Waterfront led to a 2006 Juno Award nomination for New Group of the Year.
∙ Produced by Mark Trombino (blink-182, Jimmy Eat World), 2007’s Arrivals & Departures topped Billboard’s Independent Albums chart, where the band has landed eight Top 10 hits.
∙ Their 2020 LP, A Beautiful Place to Drown, included collaborations with rapper Princess Nokia and the vocalists of Simple Plan, Beartooth, and Underoath.

    Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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