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Responsible for putting the dirge in death metal, Obituary are one of the most pioneering bands in the history of the genre. Singer John Tardy and his brother, drummer Donald Tardy, cofounded the Tampa group in 1984 under the short-lived name Executioner. The quintet would help establish Florida’s renowned death-metal scene before achieving national recognition with the 1989 release of Slowly We Rot. It was the first in a string of brilliant records that offered a radically new vision for extreme metal. While inspired by the speed and fury of thrash, Obituary innovated a grinding style of groove work that provided the perfect accompaniment to John Tardy’s stomach-rupturing howls and body-horror-informed reflections on mutilation, disease, and decay. After a lengthy hiatus beginning in 1997 (during which time Donald Tardy joined Andrew W.K.’s backing band), the outfit relaunched in 2003. In the 21st century, Obituary have become more popular than ever, with releases like 2005’s Frozen In Time and 2017’s self-titled effort showcasing their gift for incorporating touches of sludge, power metal, and even prog into their legendarily guttural sound.

Tampa, FL, United States
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