About Death

Formed in 1983 by pioneering death metal vocalist/guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, Death played some of the fastest, most aggressive white noise ever recorded. Their 1987 debut, Scream Bloody Gore, firmly established the band as originators of the death metal style. By 1990’s Spiritual Healing, Death added a growing political perspective, tackling subjects such as abortion and televangelist preachers. In 1991, the group unveiled Human, which displayed a notable musical maturity, as evidenced by the melodic instrumental track "Cosmic Sea." Schuldiner founded a new project, Control Denied, in 1996 but re-formed Death in 1998, for The Sound of Perseverance. Schuldiner died in 2001 after contracting pneumonia, closing the final chapter on the band. ~ Rovi Staff

    Orlando, FL

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