Mikey Erg

About Mikey Erg

A wildly prolific figure on the American pop-punk scene, Mikey Erg is a singer, songwriter, drummer, and guitarist who earned his handle from his stint with the New Jersey punk outfit the Ergs. Erg's songs are fast, loud, and filled with dirty guitar figures, but they're also tuneful and filled with pop hooks, and his lyrics are personal and unpretentiously perceptive, even while they're funny and exploring relationships in the time-honored rock & roll fashion. Erg had been playing in bands for 16 years when he made his solo debut with 2016's Tentative Decisions, where he blended personal lyrics with songs that went from spirited bash-it-out punk to more introspective pop numbers. Erg's more thoughtful side took center stage on 2019's Waxbuilt Castles, where acoustic guitars and sculpted noise played a significant role in the arrangements, and he dove back into muscular pop-punk territory on 2022's exuberant Love at Leeds.

    South Amboy, NJ
  • BORN
    February 7, 1980

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