The Unlovables
The Unlovables

The Unlovables

About The Unlovables

New York pop-punkers the Unlovables carry out sunshiny, Ramones-influenced tunes with gusto and relatable, girl-next-door-style lyrics. Started in 2001 by vocalist and bass player Hallie Bulleit, the band grew to include drummer Mike Erg and guitarists Frank Leone and Christian Stefos for their debut LP, Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak, released via Whoa Oh Records in 2004. Brook Pridemore replaced Stefos for their sophomore full-length, 2007's Heartsickle, and The Punk Rock Club EP followed in 2008, manned mostly by Bulleit. The group went on hiatus while pursuing other projects, such as Broadway-experienced Bulleit's return to New York theater as an aerial artist in Fuerza Bruta. Along with new guitarist Fid, Bulleit, Erg, and Leone returned with new songs in 2015 for a split LP with Dirt Bike Annie titled Reunion Show. ~ Marcy Donelson

    New York, New York

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