About Funkdoobiest

Founded in 1989 Los Angeles by Puerto Rican rapper Son Doobie, Native American rapper Tomahawk Funk, and DJ Ralph M, Funkdoobiest followed Cypress Hill’s lead, producing weed-happy rhymes with an X-rated slant. Initiated into the Soul Assassins collective, Funkdoobiest signed with Epic in 1993 and their DJ Muggs-produced debut appeared that same year. Featuring hyped-up West Coast boom-bap beats and Son and Tomahawk’s infectious tag-team rhyme format, WHICH DOOBIE U BE? spawned the hits “The Funkiest” and “Freak Mode,” eventually going gold. Less commercially successful, their 1995 follow-up, BROTHERS DOOBIE, nevertheless contains some of the crew’s best work. Funkdoobiest returned (without Tomahawk) three years later with the distinctly more gangsta-themed THE TROUBLESHOOTERS.


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