Jeru the Damaja
Jeru the Damaja

Jeru the Damaja

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The Brooklyn MC’s first appearance came on Gang Starr Posse cut “I’m the Man” in 1992. A year later, Jeru’s Premier-produced debut single, “Come Clean,” was a certified East Coast anthem with its unmistakable marimba-driven beat and anti-gangsta content. The Jeru/Premier combo proved formidable on 1994’s THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST--solidifying the lyricist’s reputation as the foremost conscious rapper of the day. In 1996, the two re-teamed to release THE WRATH OF THE MATH--once again taking on the player mentality that had pervaded East Coast hip-hop. After breaking with the Gang Starr Foundation, Jeru went on to release a string of solo LPs through his own labels to less fanfare

    New York, NY [Brooklyn]
  • BORN
    February 14, 1972

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