Apex Predator - Easy Meat

Apex Predator - Easy Meat

In keeping with the grindcore icons’ uncompromising M.O., Napalm Death’s 15th record is a torrent of deafening gore and radical politics that, upon prolonged exposure, reveals finely rendered intricacies and bold stylistic fusions. “Stubborn Stains” pivots on a Mitch Harris guitar part that shifts breathlessly from technical precision to whirling thrash. Violently plodding and creepily psychedelic, “Dear Slum Landlord ...” is a death march and chant that eviscerates greedy slimeballs. As for “Smash a Single Digit,” it’s beyond impenetrable, like a half-dozen screamo and hardcore ragers all crammed in one monstrous moshfest.

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