Suffer the Children
Nazi Punks F**k Off
How the Years Condemn
Instinct of Survival
Logic Ravaged by Brute Force
Multinational Corporations
Twist the Knife (Slowly)
Siege of Power
Smash a Single Digit
Greed Killing
You Suffer
If the Truth Be Known
Breed to Breathe
Caught In a Dream
I Abstain
Unchallenged Hate
Apex Predator - Easy Meat
Unfit Earth
Metaphorically Screw You
The World Keeps Turning
Vision Conquest
Polluted Minds
Dear Slum Landlord ...
Plague Rages
When All Is Said and Done
Prison Without Walls
From Enslavement to Obliteration
Human Garbage
Stubborn Stains
Mentally Murdered
On the Brink of Extinction
Lucid Fairytale
Point of No Return
Call That an Option?

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