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Modeled on New Kids on the Block, the British boy band Take That dominated the UK charts with a string of No. 1 albums and a dozen No. 1 singles from 1993 to 2014. • Take That formed in 1989 after the British music manager Nigel Martin-Smith met singer Gary Barlow. The other members joined by audition: Howard Donald was the oldest, at 22, and Robbie Williams was the youngest, at 16. • The group’s breakthrough came on the 1992 single “It Only Takes a Minute,” a cover of a 1975 song by the American R&B group Tavares. Take That’s version climbed to No. 7 on the British pop singles chart. • Take That’s second full-length, 1993’s Everything Changes, was the first of six consecutive albums to reach the top of the UK charts. • Williams left the band to pursue a highly successful solo career after the 1995 release of their third album, Nobody Else. The rest of Take That split up early the following year. • All of the members except Williams reunited in 2005 for a TV documentary about the group, followed by a tour of Britain and Ireland and a new album, Beautiful World, in 2006. • In June 2010, Take That released the single “Shame,” featuring Barlow and Williams, who hadn’t worked together since 1995. Williams would rejoin the group for its sixth album, Progress, released that November. • Though Williams didn’t appear on Take That’s seventh or eighth albums, he has continued to write and occasionally perform with the group, which officially became a trio following the 2014 departure of Jason Orange. • Over the years, they’ve won eight Brit Awards, including Best British Artist in 2011.

Manchester, England