Steve Jablonsky
Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky

About Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky decided to become an audio engineer after taking computer science classes in college.

∙ He landed a formative internship by cold-calling composer Hans Zimmer’s studio staff and asking if they needed help.
∙ While assisting Hans Zimmer, he composed his first arrangement—for Driving Miss Daisy.
∙ Not only did he compose scores for Michael Bay’s Transformers movie franchise, but he also provided music for the director’s Pearl Harbor and Armageddon.
∙ Jablonsky scored every season of the hit TV series Desperate Housewives, beginning with its fourth episode.
∙ He collaborated with rock band Explosions in the Sky on the score for Lone Survivor—one of four Peter Berg films that he’s worked on.
∙ His film and TV scores have earned eight BMI Awards, beginning with a 2004 win for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • BORN
    October 9, 1970

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