About Nemesea

A symphonic goth metal troupe based out of the Netherlands, Nemesea debuted in the early 2000s with a sound similar to Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. Following their 2007 breakthrough, In Control, the band began to incorporate more electronic flourishes into their heavy sound. In 2016, longtime vocalist Manda Ophuis parted ways with the group and was replaced by Sanne Mieloo, who appeared on their late-decade releases Uprise and White Flag.
Nemesea was founded in 2002 by vocalist/composer Manda Ophuis and guitarist Hendrik Jan de Jong. They cut their teeth opening for fellow Dutch brood-rockers After Forever, with whom they were initially compared, before inking a deal in 2003 with independent label Ebony Tears, which would issue the band's 2004 debut album Mana. Their 2007 crowd-funded sophomore studio LP, In Control, landed Nemesea a distribution deal with Rough Trade, and would eventually steer them in the direction of Napalm Records. Arriving in 2010, Quiet Resistance saw the group adding electronics to their sound, as well as dialing back on some of the neo-classical elements that sugared earlier works, in favor of a more straightforward alt-rock approach. This would be the last effort recorded with Ophuis, who parted ways with the group in 2016. She was replaced by Sanne Mieloo.
The band's fourth studio long-player -- and first to feature Mieloo on vocals -- followed in 2016. Uprise was produced by Guido Aalbers (Muse, Coldplay, No Doubt) and included the singles "Hear Me" and "Twilight." Continuing in the same sonic manner, the band continued to incorporate electronics and a polished pop sense with 2019's White Flag. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Groningen, The Netherlands