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Leaves' Eyes are a European metal band with a sound anchored in gothic, progressive, and symphonic metal. Their songs are elaborately arranged and produced with themes derived from nature, love, European history, and pagan and Norse mythology. Intensely melodic, they meld classical tropes, European folk musics, and riff-driven power metal. Their acclaimed 2004 Napalm debut, Lovelorn, established their signature clean/dirty vocal approach. 2005's Vinland Saga established them as a headline act. 2011's Meredead was selected by European, Australian, and South American critics as a year-end best. In 2016, Leaves' Eyes lead vocalist Liv Kristine left the band, and was replaced by Finnish soprano and vocal coach Elina Siirala, who made her full-length debut with Leaves' Eyes on 2018's Sign of the Dragonhead. She cemented her role on 2020's The Last Viking and 2024's Myths of Fate.

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