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About Nacha Pop

Spanish pop/rock band Nacha Pop was formed in 1978 by ex-Helicopeter Uhu singer/guitarist Nacho Garcia and bassist Carlos Pascow, who were soon joined by Garcia's cousin, singer/songwriter Antonio Vega. That same year, the band recorded a demo featuring "Chica de Ayer" and "Sol del Caribe," signing with Hispavox in 1980; they then issued a self-titled album produced by Teddy Bautista. Nacha Pop's following albums, Buena Disposicion and Mas Numeros, Otras Letras, made the group one of the most popular numbers in the local rock scene. After releasing an EP called Una Decima de Segundo and 1987's El Momento, produced by Carlos Narea, the group decided to perform for the last time on October 19 and 20, 1988, making a live record called Nacha Pop 1980-1988. In 2001, Nacha Pop's "Lucha de Gigantes" was featured in the movie Amores Perros, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez. ~ Drago Bonacich


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