About milet

Blending EDM, rock, and folk music, milet is an up-and-coming J-pop artist who released her first album in 2020.

∙ In 2019, milet’s debut single, “Inside You,” was a Top 20 hit in Japan and later won the Theme Song Award at the International Drama Festival of Tokyo.
∙ She earned her second Top 20 hit with the 2019 single “Us,” which was used as the opening theme to the TV drama series Gisou Furin that same year.
∙ On her debut album, 2020’s Eyes, which topped the Japanese charts, she collaborated with ONE OK ROCK guitarist Toru and MAN WITH A MISSION bassist Kamikaze Boy.
∙ milet is also known for singing the closing theme songs to the anime series Vinland Saga and Fate/Grand Order.

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