About Mallrat

Australian singer, rapper, and songwriter Mallrat has reached millions with her catchy, clever, empathetic indie-pop.

• Grace Shaw grew up in Brisbane and relocated to Melbourne after high school.
• Her stage name was inspired by the song “Mallrats (La La La)” by the American band The Orwells.
• As a teen, Shaw was inspired to make music after attending a concert by Australian rapper Allday. Mallrat and Allday eventually toured together and released multiple collaborations, including 2018’s “UFO.”
• At 16, Mallrat began posting songs online. Her 2015 debut single, “Suicide Blonde,” is named for the 1990 INXS classic.
• She’s earned tens of millions of streams with her 2018 song “Groceries,” which went platinum in Australia.
• Mallrat’s 2019 EP Driving Music reached No. 10 on the Australian charts.

    Brisbane, Australia

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