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It all started with drums for Georgia Flipo. Locking onto the kinetic instrument at age nine, Flipo now uses it to fuel their surging alt-rock anthems and equally strong vocal turns as G Flip. Born in St. Kilda, Victoria, in 1993, Flipo broke through right from their debut single, 2018’s “About You.” That percussively punchy meditation on what keeps someone mired in a toxic relationship quickly led to 2019’s About Us, an album-length dissection of the same breakup. Their lyrics haven’t grown any less confiding since, as heard on 2022’s betrayal-themed “GAY 4 ME” and “Waste of Space,” about struggling with your assigned gender identity. Yet 2023’s DRUMMER is animated more by tireless rhythm than by past trauma, with each song springing from a wide-ranging list of drum grooves that Flipo crafted first. “7 Days” opens the album with an intentionally entry-level snare roll, while “Didn’t Mean To” pays homage to Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro’s more sophisticated signature beat. And “Made for You” sees Flipo converse directly with their longtime instrument: “This is me talking to my drums,” they told Apple Music, “and ending the record with a huge drum solo that absolutely pissed off my neighbors.”

Melbourne, Australia
September 22, 1993

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