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It didn’t happen overnight for Amy Shark. Weekend tours, playing to empty rooms for years, getting to the point that even her best friends were ducking out of gigs. Even as her 2016 track “Adore” was making its multiplatinum way across Australia, she was still holding down her job as a video editor, cutting footage on the road until management suggested that, hey, ya know what—maybe music can be your job now. “I’d been writing so many songs,” she told Apple Music in her Up Next interview. “I’d sort of shut up shop in my mind.” It wasn’t that “Adore” was her last shot, but she knew that if it didn’t hit, she’d have to rethink how she was living her life. But it did.
Born in 1986 and raised near the beach of Gold Coast, Queensland, Shark (given name Amy Billings) spent her youth absorbing her parents’ record collection—The Police, The Cure, Sinéad O’Connor, Guns N’ Roses—taking a particular shine to what she called “the moody stuff.” Moody, maybe. But Shark’s biggest tracks—“Adore,” “I Said Hi,” ”Mess Her Up,” the Chainsmokers collaboration “The Reaper”—reflect a real respect for the kind of earnest pop-rock songwriting that has mostly faded from the mainstream. For years she thought of herself as a “closet musician.” Now that she’s out, she just wants to pay forward the feelings of intensity, comfort, and truth that her favorite music always gave her. “I’d like to be that for the world,” she says. “‘This is an Amy Shark moment. I need her album on now.’”

Gold Coast, Australia