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Actor Tristan Paul Mack Wilds became simply Mack Wilds in 2010 when he began moonlighting as an R&B artist. In 2011 his track "2 Girlz" landed on an episode of 90210, and his debut EP, Remember Remember, appeared before the end of the year. After he signed to Salaam Remi's Sony-distributed Louder Than Life label, Wilds released New York: A Love Story in 2013. It debuted on Billboard's R&B/hip-hop chart at number 28 and was later nominated for a Grammy. A handful of Sony-distributed singles were released through 2015. Wilds eventually went independent and released his second album, AfterHours, in 2017. At the time, he was co-starring as aspiring rap producer DeeVee in the VH1 series The Breaks. ~ David Jeffries & Andy Kellman

Staten Island, NY, United States of America
July 15, 1989