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No one straddles the middle ground between R&B and rap quite like Bryson Tiller. The singer and MC, born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1993, is a self-made superstar, having built his fanbase organically online before inking a deal for his 2015 debut LP, T R A P S O U L. That title spells out Tiller’s artistic vision, and on the big hit from that album, “Don’t,” he lands somewhere between Lil Wayne and Omarion, his two biggest inspirations. While he’s indebted to the artists he grew up listening to, Tiller has carved his own niche unoccupied by anyone else in rap or R&B. Tiller’s voice is classically beautiful, but he stands out, thanks to the way he’s able to mutate it depending on the style of music he’s creating. Tiller rocketed to superstardom with his star-turning performance on DJ Khaled’s 2017 smash “Wild Thoughts,” which also features Rihanna. In Summer Walker’s 2019 song “Playing Games (Extended Version),” Tiller fluidly moves from singing to rapping, blurring the line between the two. Tiller is a reclusive artist, hesitant to reveal much of his personal life unless doing so through music. This only adds to his mystique and continues to set him apart at a time when oversharing is so prevalent on social media. In his life and his career, Bryson Tiller plays by his own rules.

    Louisville, KY
  • BORN
    January 2, 1993

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