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Singer-songwriter Kany García’s career almost ended before it began—after a successful audition for the reality competition Objetivo Fama in 2004, she suffered a near-fatal car accident.

∙ García’s Platinum-selling 2007 debut album, Cualquier Día, spawned three No. 1 singles in her native Puerto Rico and earned her four Latin Grammy nominations (and two wins).
∙ From 2009 to 2016, she had six straight LPs reach the Top 5 of Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart, with Kany García and Limonada both hitting No. 1.
∙ Reggaetón MC (and fellow Puerto Rican) Tego Calderón guested on 2009’s Boleto de Entrada, and García returned the favor in 2015, appearing on his LP El Que Sabe, Sabe.
Limonada, the first Latin album ever helmed by veteran pop producer David Kahne, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart in 2016.
∙ Nominated for a whopping 20 Latin Grammy Awards, she’s won four times, including Best New Artist (2008) and Best Singer-Songwriter Album (2019 and 2020).
∙ Created during lockdown, her 2020 album, Mesa para Dos, is a collection of duets with such Latin artists as Nahuel Pennisi, Mon Laferte, Goyo, and Catalina García.

    Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
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