About Jerreau

After getting his start with the group Fly Union, Ohio rapper Jerreau scored a slam dunk with 2016’s “Really Got It,” thanks to a big assist from LeBron James.

• Jerreau co-founded Fly Union with fellow graduates of Northland High School in Columbus, Ohio. The trio turned blog acclaim into a deal with Interscope Records.
• After Fly Union went on hiatus in 2014, Jerreau re-emerged as a solo artist with 2016’s Never How You Plan. The release was produced by his former band-mates, Jay Swifa and Iyeball.
• The 2016 single “Really Got It” became the biggest hit of Jerreau’s career. The music video features a cameo from NBA star and fellow Ohio native LeBron James. Jerreau performed the song during Game 4 of that year’s NBA Finals, which ended in triumph for James and the Cleveland Cavs.
• LeBron has known Jerreau since 2009, and he regularly includes Jerreau’s music in his social clips.
• In 2020, Jerreau self-released Keep Everything Your Self. The song “Same Team” appears in the video game NBA 2K21.

    Columbus, OH

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