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JC Stewart

JC Stewart

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In addition to being a rising solo artist, Irish singer-songwriter JC Stewart has cowritten tracks with best-selling boy band Westlife and multi-Platinum star Lewis Capaldi.

∙ At age 17, Stewart won a competition to work with legendary songwriter/producer Nile Rodgers on a remix of his band Chic’s “Le Freak,” featuring Rudimental.
∙ In 2019, at one of his earliest live gigs outside Ireland, Stewart sold out four straight nights at The Islington in London.
∙ He worked with UK hitmaking songwriters The Six on the 2019 buzz-building singles “Pick Up Your Phone,” “Stay,” and “The Wrong Ones.”
Friends star Jennifer Aniston shared Stewart’s quarantine-themed 2020 parody of “I’ll Be There for You” with her massive social media following.

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