About iyla

After taking the time to find herself, sultry singer-songwriter iyla introduced herself to the world with a stirring blend of R&B, jazz, and modern pop.

• In 2011, at the age of 18, the Los Angeles native joined the R&B trio Fine Chynah. She then pursued a solo career under the name Bella Blue.
• Her big break as a vocalist came when she sang on Australian producer and songwriter Anise K’s 2014 hit “Walking On Air,” also featuring Snoop Dogg.
• In 2018, she rebranded as iyla with the War + Raindrops EP. The official music video for the lead single, “Juice,” went viral.
• Loaded with empowering anthems, her 2020 project OTHER WAYS TO VENT features Y2 and Method Man.

  • BORN
    May 6, 1993

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