Glenn Jones


About Glenn Jones

Like many other Black musicians in the U.S., Glenn Jones made the transition from making spiritual music to becoming a soul and R&B singer/songwriter. Born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1962, Jones was part of the gospel group The Modulations from the late ’70s until 1980 when he appeared on Norman Connors’ Billboard-charting R&B single “Melancholy Fire.” Jones made his solo debut with 1983’s Everybody Loves a Winner, featuring the funk-inclined hit “I Am Somebody.” Jones crafted timeless, emotive ballads—highlighting his velvety voice—throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, including “We’ve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over),” “Love Songs,” and “All for You.” Over the years, Jones has remained anchored to a sophisticated style that incorporates smooth jazz and other contemporary elements. However, on 2020’s “Trust in Me,” he made a natural and graceful return to his Christian roots.

Jacksonville, FL, United States of America
September 27, 1962