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More secretive than Deadmau5 and ten times as silly, Bear Grillz is a disguised EDM DJ claiming to be a bear from Yosemite National Park who found a MacBook Pro while wandering around the forest. Whatever the real story may be, the bear-suited DJ debuted in 2013 with The High Grade EP, which featured a bear on the cover smoking a joint and giving the world the middle finger. Live DJ sets in full bear costume followed, then in 2014, he released the EP Now That's What I Call EDM, although it was later reissued as They Made Us Change the Name. Datsik and others collaborated on the 2014 EP Bear Grillz & Friends: Vol. 1, and Vol. 2 arrived in 2015 along with the solo EP The Unbearable. The puns kept on as 2016 saw the DJ hit with the Fuck Bitches, Get Honey EP, which was also released with the alternative title Mo Honey Mo Problems. ~ David Jeffries

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