Alex Campos
Alex Campos

Alex Campos

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Alex Campos began performing in church at age 14 and describes song-based worship as something that “filled the void” left by his father’s absence.

∙ The title track of his 2003 studio debut, Al Taller del Maestro, was written after a perceived miracle healed a tumor on his vocal cords.
∙ He’s earned four Latin Grammy Awards for Best Christian Album and performed on Hillsong Music’s Global Project: Español, which won a Dove Award, one of gospel music’s highest honors.
∙ In a bid to appeal to his children’s musical taste, he recruited Puerto Rican Christian rapper Indiomar to add a more urban sound to his 2020 single “Hoy.”
∙ His albums have featured such guests as Colombian singer/guitarist Fonseca, Cuban rapper Danay Suárez, and Dominican Christian singer Lilly Goodman.
∙ He’s written several books detailing his difficult childhood, the importance of daily worship, and guidance for a faith-based marriage.

    Bogota, Colombia
  • BORN
    September 10, 1976

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