Miel San Marcos
Miel San Marcos

Miel San Marcos

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An internationally known Christian praise & worship band, Miel San Marcos consists of brothers Josh, Samy, and Luis Morales, who formed the group in 2000 at the Revival Tabernacle in San Marcos, Guatemala. The group's passionate shows earned them a huge fan following among Spanish-speaking audiences worldwide, and what began essentially as an outreach band has become its own pop ministry, capable of filling stadiums in Latin America, Europe, and the United States. The live album Proezas, which featured guest spots from Coalo Zamorano, Fernel Monroy, Tony Perez, and others, was released in 2012. Miel San Marcos returned in 2016 with the studio recording Tu Habitación, followed a year later by a live album, Pentecostés, recorded at New York's Madison Square Garden. ~ Steve Leggett

    San Marcos, Guatemala
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