Marcos Witt
Marcos Witt

Marcos Witt

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Contemporary Christian music singer Marcos Witt was born to American missionaries living in Mexico, and he studied classical music before turning to CCM at age 24.

∙ He founded his own production company and label, CanZion Producciones, in 1986, releasing his debut album, Canción a Dios.
∙ In 1987, Witt recorded Instrumentales I, the first of three Christian instrumental albums that showcased his skills as a classically trained pianist.
∙ La Academia Musical Cristiana desde la Perspectiva Latina has presented Witt with a record 31 AMCL awards (for Christian music recorded in Spanish) over the course of his career.
∙ Starting in 2003, he won five Latin Grammy Awards, all of them for Best Christian Album.

    San Antonio, TX
  • BORN
    May 19, 1962

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