About Abbath

Born out of the ashes of Immortal, one of Norwegian black metal's most stalwart acts, Abbath is the creation of Immortal frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta (Olve Eikemo). Formed in 2015 after Immortal ceased operations in the wake of a bevy of legal disputes, Abbath's occult-laden black metal onslaught was aided by God Seed bassist King Ov Hell, guitarist and vocalist Per Valla, and drummer Creature. The band made their live debut at Tuska Open Air 2015 before heading into the studio to begin work on their eponymous debut album for Season of Mist. The resulting Abbath was released in January 2016. The band underwent some significant lineup retooling before laying down tracks for their sophomore effort. The resulting Outstrider, which was released in 2019, featured a crew consisting of Eikemo at the helm, with drummer Ukri Suvilehto, guitarist Raud, and bassist Mia Wallace. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Bergen, Norway

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