The Academy: Segunda Misión

The Academy: Segunda Misión

“You see the posts from everybody. They’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s the best time of my life, 2019,’” Dímelo Flow tells Apple Music. “It was just not the music; it was more the experience plus the music.” The hit-making producer is referring to his reggaetón fan favorite The Academy, a project that brought together then-rising stars Dalex, Feid, Justin Quiles, Sech, and Lenny Tavárez like some superhero squadron. The feelings expressed over that seven-song set only grew as its individual members saw their solo profiles soar. “That’s what made us put this project together: the love for the people.” Though for legal reasons they officially record as The Academy, fans of the supergroup and its members know them collectively as The Avengers, a comic book movie metaphor that Dímelo Flow happily employs while discussing their long-awaited follow-up Segunda Misión. (He sees himself as the Nick Fury of the group, FYI.) Despite the title’s implication, there was an abandoned attempt at a second project from the group prior to Segunda Misión. “We tried to put it together before, then we said no,” he explains, citing priorities with the members’ own respective projects that he often had a hand in making. “Actually, we had a lot of songs together, and we were in the studio a lot.” With a stunning guest list of Latin music superheroes, including Eladio Carrión, NATTI NATASHA, and Myke Towers, this blockbuster sequel enhances the group’s core to produce an event-worthy series of songs sure to fill dance floors for months to come. And while not every member was available this time around, the ones who were ensured that their powers are used to full effect. Read on to learn the details behind the latest mission from The Academy—in Dímelo Flow’s own words. “SÍ SÍ SÍ SÍ” (feat. Bryant Myers, Dei V & Eladio Carrión) “It’s part of my role—what superhero I’m going to send for this mission, just like the movies. For me, it’s all about the vibes. I was like, ‘OK, who can fit this record?’ I started doing the whole structure in my head. I did it so many times, and I did it for so many records in my life that, for me, as a producer it becomes easy now.” “LA RANGER” (feat. Myke Towers) “One of the superheroes got injured. Do you remember that part when Hulk said he didn’t want to go to the mission? Well, it happened just like that on this one. Daddy Yankee was actually on that track, and then we decided to call another superhero. Yankee, you obviously know that he separated from the music. So, we brought Myke in. He loved the track.” “FLOWHOT” (feat. Arcángel, De La Ghetto & Randy) “I don’t know if you remember when the music was only the websites. You had La Pirateria, and the songs came out there. Well, FlowHoT was one of the pages that we grew up on. That’s why we called it like that—to pay respect on and pay honor to those guys. That’s why it makes sense that we brought in Arcángel, De La Ghetto, and Randy.” “LATTE” (feat. Maria Becerra) “It was actually partly Sech’s idea. He’s like, ‘Bro, we don’t have no women on here.’ We respect women, and we always want to have women to be in our projects, because it feels good always. We decided to bring Maria Becerra in on this one; we always wanted to represent with a girl. That’s The Avengers.” “EL ROYCE” (feat. NATTI NATASHA & iZaak) “As a producer, I’m very creative when I make music. I want people to live what I’m doing. If you listen to all the end of the tracks, they all have something different. Every song has something different out of the end—a message, to actually give it a different vibe. Since the records are so long, you don’t get bored of the record—never. It’s always those mid-credits when you finish the movie, and you wait. It’s like you’re getting a new song, but you’re not.” “QUÍTENME EL TELÉFONO” (feat. Jay Wheeler & Yandel) “We actually made that track together, all of us in the studio. And then, we brought in Yandel and Jay Wheeler. And that’s how that song came out like that. It is something real, what the song says. You know when you always out, and you’re having a drink or you’re thinking about that ex, and then you call her? That’s what you say in the hook.” “AMIGA” (feat. Ryan Castro) “It’s a very Colombian vibe. That crowd loves us over there. I was like, ‘Yo, we got to do something for Colombia.’ Castro’s style of music—we needed something a little rough on there, more rap to it than what we had. This is perfect for him to get on this record.” “SEÑORITA” (feat. Zion) “To be honest, actually ‘SEÑORITA” was made for the second one, and it never released. We had Zion in there already. Then, two years passed by, and that song was still there.” “BLINBLINEO” (feat. Omar Courtz) “We believe in the new rising stars. How we came up. We were new—nobody knew about us when The Avengers came out. We were competing with the big top dogs at that time, and we were rising stars ourself, so we always try to give the opportunity, with iZaak, with Omar Courtz. It was very important.”

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