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Ever since Maluma co-signed him in 2021 by way of the “IMPOSIBLE” remix, Blessd has remained a formidable presence in Latin music. Further collaborations between the two Colombian stars appeared sparingly and sporadically in the subsequent years, with 2023’s pop-wise single “EL RELOJ” putting their natural chemistry as a musical duo on display. Little did fans know back then that the Medellín-bred pair had this collaborative EP in store, a concise yet undeniably effective demonstration of their respective and collective powers. The opening title track lays out the project’s ethos with clarity, their mutual admiration evident amid the rich production. “Call Me” exudes summery vibes as the two singers trade off with their signature vocal styles, while “Oe Bebé” keeps that same energy albeit in a more laidback reggaetón form. Things occasionally get rugged, namely on “Sisas Nada” with Hades66, though the Rudeboyz-helmed split “Goyard/GTA” returns to relative sleekness with booming trap bass and unapologetically explicit lyricism.

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