Ritual de lo Habitual

Ritual de lo Habitual

As grand (and grandiose) as Nothing’s Shocking, Jane’s Addiction’s major-label debut seemed, its follow-up Ritual de lo Habitual outstripped it sonically and in its ambition. With “alternative music” and metal getting more and more happily acquainted, the quartet smashed together a meld that not only sounded right but was, just a year and change before the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind, very timely. Guitarist Dave Navarro divebombed through a near-claustrophobic mix with heavy riffage and squawling high-end solos. His vocal foil, Perry Farrell, staggered a line between pretension and self-knowing humor — “Been Caught Stealing” was hilarious with or without its petty-thievery video; “Ain’t No Right” insisted that there was likewise “no wrong,” but its greater message was “I am skin and bones, I am pointy nose/But it motherf-----’ makes me try!” Farrell went on to prove the relevance of his DIY message as Lollapalooza founder.

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