Navidades Luis Miguel

Navidades Luis Miguel

In his first televised interview after years of distance from the media, Luis Miguel was asked by Adal Ramones, “What would you ask Santa for for Christmas?” El Sol replied, “To see my mother again”—sharp but with the pain of someone who is vulnerable to such a confession. A man who longs for the impossible but finds hope in the magic of a season. A season that, until then, did not have a soundtrack that translated those emotions into Spanish with such magnitude. Following in the tradition of his idols—great English-language crooners of the ’50s and ’60s such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or Dean Martin—Luis Miguel decided to create a Christmas album that would fit organically into his record catalogue. 2006’s Navidades: Luis Miguel was an LP with the mission to refresh the traditional Christmas songbook with new versions of classics that had never been recorded in Spanish before—or at least had not been recorded with lyrics in the style of El Sol de México. Producers Juan Carlos Calderón and Edgar Cortázar were entrusted with this task, ensuring that the 11 tracks in the collection had unprecedented cohesion, all to the rhythm of the big band or the ballad, the strongest cards in the Mexican interpreter’s deck. The result is an album that, despite moving away from Luis Miguel's traditional canon, meets all the standards and virtues of his artistry. There's robust instrumentation made up of full orchestras and choirs, where his vocal range fits and brings a sense of modernity to the adaptations. Dusty Christmas carols became radio singles in the voice of LuisMi, and its mission came true: Even nowadays, there is no Spanish-language record that better captures the nostalgia of the season, whether in the warmth of “Blanca Navidad (White Christmas),” the illusion of “Frente a la Chimenea (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer),” or the joy of “Navidad, Navidad (Jingle Bells).”

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