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4.6 out of 5
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172 Ratings

ZantheYote ,


After several years of waiting, Anna's new album is here--with a bang.

The first song, Broken doll, reminds me of a coming-of-age song. The melody is simpy perfect... 4/5 stars.

2) Car Crash: A song about a break up, in my opinion. The lyrics in this are brilliant... 5/5

3) Kiss Them For Me: The first real...upbeat song in the album. It starts out with a very-twainy-sort-of begining. It's a love song, in my opinion. But with Ms. nalick, you can never know. 5/5

4) Walk Away: Briliant. Has the potential to get Ms. Nalick back on the charts. 5/5

5) Sort Of Delilah: The strings in this song...the lyrics...this is easily the greatest song on the album. It apperes that something dramatic happened, and this song is about protecting someone. 6/5

6) Scars: Very emotional...very powerful... 5/5

7) These Old Wings: A melodic start gives birth to another potentail hit, "And what are you really holding you onto on, life is a tight rope, and your burning, burning, burning both ends." 4/5

8) Shine [2011]: A remake of the title song of her EP, Shine. It's a much softer, much more relaxed version. The same lyrics give bith to an entirly diffrent song. 5/5

9) The Fairest Of The Seasons: In an album of strong, strong songs, this song is stuck to the wall. It seems to blend in, however, if one listens to the entirety of the lyrics, the true meaning of this song is clear...4/5

10) All on my own: Another remake of a song that was sold earlier on a Charity for Japan CD sort of deal. Beautiful, a bit mainstream, and definatly has potentail to be a raido hit. 5/5

allfordiamonds3 ,


So glad Anna finally released another album, it has been too long. The songs are perfection as usual.

34jay ,

Oh, Anna...

Thanks for gracing us with your beautiful voice! This album has grown on me tremendously and I've only listened to it twice... So far!! I have to admit that I like "Wreck of the Day" better, sorry... But I can't wait for her NEXT album! Which is gonna have uber amaze-ballz songs on it! I will probably break my iPod by listening to this on repeat!

Stand outs:
Broken Doll
Car Crash
Sort of Delilah
All On My Own

-They all have deep and personal lyrics, so they are all worth a listen!

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