Apple Music Home Session: ONE OK ROCK

Apple Music Home Session: ONE OK ROCK

Japanese alt-rock band ONE OK ROCK has revisited their 2021 single “Wonder,” recording a new, acoustic version for this Apple Music Home Session. The band’s signature sound—including their increasingly pop-minded approach—still comes through in this stripped-back reimagining, but taking it down a few notches has revealed something a little different. Filled with a new, more intimate warmth, the acoustic rendition of “Wonder” brings its contemplative lyrics to the fore: “Don't you ever wonder? If you only had one breath/Tell me, would your one love pull you out the deep end?” “In my entire career as a musician, I’ve never had this long of a break,” vocalist Taka tells Apple Music, reflecting on the pandemic lockdowns—during which the band wrote new music. “It gave me time to reflect on myself, which in turn made my vision for the future a lot clearer. Compared to the past, I feel like our responsibility as artists to take on and accept more has greatly increased.” That ONE OK ROCK also chose to cover Adele’s “Easy On Me” is proof of just that: the band taking more on and trying new things. To take the biggest heartbreak ballad of 2021 and transpose Adele’s hit—a soaring tearjerker about the end of her marriage—into an emotional alt-rock track of their own was no easy feat. But Taka and co. were more than ready to rise to the challenge.

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