Eye of the Beholder
Baby, Let's Play House
Zero Tolerance
Big River
Keep a Knockin'
Rockabilly Rebel
Tougher Than the Rest
Great Balls Of Fire
Down Here (With the Rest of Us)
The Last In Line
The Candle
Set the World Afire
Raining Blood
Inner Self
Ridden with Disease
Spiritual Healing
No Leaf Clover (Live with the SFSO)
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (2015 Remastered Version)
Disposable Heroes
I Disappear
Forgotten Sunrise
You'll Never See
Hating Life
Children of the Grave (Live)
Heaven and Hell
How Far Can Too Far Go?
Desecration of Souls
Plug In Baby
Pits of Utumno
The Second Great Depression
Fountain of Youth
Blueberry Hill
American Wheeze
Full of Hell
Cast In Steel
Go Down
Call from the Grave
The IVth Crusade
Suffer the Children
Saturday Night
Oblivious to Evil
Reincarnation (1991)
Take the Power
Gore Bag
Down in Mississippi
The Feel Good Song of the Year
Wearin' That Loved On Look
And Julie Is No More
When the Moment of Death Arrives
You'll Be Comin' Down
Demons Gate
Hvite Krists Død (Remastered 2021)
Sunrise Over Locus Mortis
Through These Eyes
Perfect Strangers
I'm Shipping up to Boston
My Hero
Foetal Carnage
Dope Fiend Blues (feat. Billy Zoom)
Hopeless Wanderer
I Wanna Be Sedated
London Calling
Sweet Little Sixteen
Hotel Yorba
I Love You
If You Like Fat Women
I Only Want To Be With You
I'm Leaving It up to You