Who Wrote This Fiendish Rite of Spring
Suicide in an Airplane
Intonarumori: Ronzatore (Buzzer) [1977 Recording]
The Miraculous Mandarin, BB 82, Sz. 73 (, Op. 19): VII. Sempre vivo: The tramps leap out
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Fanget an!- So rief der Lenz in den Wald
Reveillez vous, cueurs endormis, "Le chant des oiseaux": Le chant des oiseaux
Freres Humains (Selection from Le Testament)
Siegfried: "Ist Mir Doch Fast, Als Sprächen Die Vöglein Zu Mir!" (Siegfried, Stimme Des Waldvogels)
Siegfried, WWV 86C, Act I, Scene 3: "Nothung! Nothung!" (Siegfried, Mime) [Live]
Petrushka - Scènes burlesques en quatre tableaux (1947 version) (2001 Remastered Version), Quartrième tableau: Vocifération du double de Petrushka
Patience, Act 1: If You're Anxious for to Shine in the High Aesthetic.
Façade: No. 8, Black Mrs. Behemoth
Façade 1: X. A Man from a Far Country
Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21, Pt. 1: III. Der Dandy
London Calling: Parisian Pierrot
Peter Grimes Op. 33, PROLOGUE: The truth ... the pity (Peter/Ellen)
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67. : I. Allegro con brio
Peter Grimes, Op. 33, Act 1: "What harbour shelters peace"
Billy Budd, Op. 50, Act I Scene 1: Pull, me bantams! (First Mate, Second Mate, Mr Flint, Bosun, Donald, Maintop, Novice, Squeak, Chorus)
Billy Budd: I accept their verdict (Vere)
Billy Budd, Op. 50, Epilogue: We committed his body to the deep (Vere)

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