All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
Party at Ground Zero
Sunday Morning
The World Is New 1
Keasbey Nights
2-Tone Army
Mr. Smiley
Lost Again
Wrong Way
The Guns of Brixton
Out All Night
I Don't Love You Anymore
All Outta Angst
Sound System (2007 Remaster)
The Three of Us
Someday I Suppose
Trapped in a Box
History of a Boring Town
Lost It
Super Rad!
Come On Eileen
Thigh High Nylons
Take On Me
So Much
Spy Market
Saw Red (feat. Gwen Stefani)
Wrong 'Em Boyo
Stepping Out
Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down
Shoot the Moon
High Anxiety
Take Back the Power
Here In Your Bedroom
Everybody That You Love
Lake Pontchartrain
Unpopular Again
Different People
The Rascal King
Plan B
500 Channels
Knowledge (2007 Remaster)
Veronica Sawyer
Acceleration 5000
On & On & On
Round Kid
Noise Complaint
Skankin' to the Beat
Anarchy Camp
Beer (Song)
Turning Japanese
Break the Glass
Everything Went Numb
99 Red Balloons
Wasting My Life
Gainesville Rock City
Weekend in L.A.
Red Hot Moon
Shed Some Skin
He Wants Me Back
Hoosier Love
She Got Arrested
All Mine
Sad Story
Smash the Magnavox
Crack Rock Steady