Clairo's Untitled Playlist

Clairo's Untitled Playlist

It’s no wonder that Clairo’s 2017 lo-fi breakthrough “Pretty Girl” was such a viral hit. It’s a bit sunny and a bit melancholy; it makes the personal feel universal; and above all, it distills pop to its purest essence. (And that’s to say nothing of how the track and its attendant YouTube-destroying video were made—which was on Claire Cottrill’s laptop in her Syracuse University dorm room.) While her debut album, Immunity, might step up the production quality, her vulnerable vocals and simple songwriting approach still drive the tracks, which occasionally take in experimental hip-hop beats and distorted textures. For her takeover of our indie-focused Untitled playlist, Clairo assembled a few favorites whose influence you might hear in Immunity. “I picked these songs because they have all been important to me in the process of making my album,” she tells Apple Music. “It’s all music I have fallen in love with in the last year.”

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