About Zero

Zero came together in San Francisco in 1984 as the brainchild of guitarist Steve Kimock and drummer Greg Anton. Both accomplished musicians, the two met while playing together in the Heart of Gold Band which later evolved into Ghosts. In the early years, Zero's lineup was rather fluid but the group still managed to release a few independent albums: their debut in 1987, Here Goes Nothin', the sophomore effort in 1990, Nothin' Goes Here, and their live album in 1991, Live: Go Hear Nothin'. In these early years their main focus was extended instrumental jam-oriented songs.

In 1992 the band took a bit of a different musical direction by teaming up with legendary Grateful Dead songwriter Robert Hunter. To sing his lyrics the group brought in local Bay Area blues singer Judge Murphy. The band quickly began a more intense collaboration and in the process managed to put together a more stable lineup. This resulted in their 1994 major label debut, Chance in a Million, a live album recorded in the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The collaboration with Hunter continued and in 1997 the band released a self-titled studio album. This was followed with another live album Nothin' Lasts Forever in 1998. ~ Curtis Zimmermann


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