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Wouter Kellerman, a flutist from Johannesburg, South Africa, won his first Grammy for Best New Age Album in 2015. Winds of Samsara -- a collaboration with American-born Indian artist Ricky Kej -- was a blend of Kellerman's soothing flute and sounds from India. It was also Kellerman's sixth album. At age ten, he began playing the flute and went on to become one of South Africa's youngest recognized talents. Studying abroad, he learned to develop global sounds into his own improvisational style. In 2008 he released his debut, Colour, a collection of songs inspired by global sounds (Argentina, Ireland, Spain, Africa) and performed on his trademark flute. Songs from that debut (along with a few from his 2010 sophomore follow-up, Two Voices) made their way onto 2012's Half Moon collection. Some new songs were included on 2012's Timeless, most notably a pair of tracks dedicated to Nelson Mandela and a sparse cover of the Game of Thrones theme song. Mzansi, his 2013 release, included only two songs that didn't already appear on Two Voices. Together, these five releases established Kellerman as a popular world/roots musician, but it was not until Samsara that his international recognition increased. He followed that success with Love Language in 2015. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Johannesburg, South Africa
September 20, 1961