Soweto Gospel Choir

About Soweto Gospel Choir

This stirring vocal group emerged in 2002 and features over 30 church members from across the Johannesburg township of Soweto, uniting many of the region's best singers with a mix of local musical traditions and American gospel. The largely a cappella choir drew on the popularity of Zulu harmony stars Ladysmith Black Mambazo, echoing that group's musical vocabulary while expanding harmonies and melding them with influences ranging from rousing spirituals to pop styles, with lead vocals unspooling against a lush choir of contrapuntal melody and rhythm. In their first two decades, the group has released celebrated studio albums and live recordings while taking their music around the globe, collaborating and performing with artists as wide-ranging as Céline Dion, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Robert Plant. These creative forays have allowed the choir to expand their audience and repertoire while remaining true to their deep township roots.

    Soweto, South Africa

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