Vanilla Fudge

About Vanilla Fudge

New York quartet Vanilla Fudge may not have remained in the pantheon of all-time greatest 1960s rock bands, but they're of huge historical importance. With an unprecedented combination of psychedelia (itself still a new commodity), hard rock, soul, and classical motifs, they prefigured everything from heavy metal to prog rock. The band's modus operandi was to take pop, rock, and R&B hits of the era and extend them to the breaking point, adding raga-like guitar lines, overdriven Hammond organ, screaming feedback, gargantuan distorted riffs, mountainous drumbeats, and impassioned vocals. Most often the original tempo of the song was slowed down drastically for maximum dramatic effect. Somewhere in England, the young men who would become known as Yes, Deep Purple, and numerous other bands, were listening with rapt attention.

Long Island, NY, United States

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