UPPERROOM is a collective of more than 100 musicians who create Christian pop, rock, and folk as part of the like-named church group based in Dallas, Texas.

∙ Founded in 2010, the group was developed to capture the spontaneous songs that came out of daily worship sessions in the nondenominational church’s prayer room.
∙ The group gained attention in 2017 with their popular videos for such songs as “The Joy of Surrender,” “Tremble,” and “Our Father.”
∙ Christian-pop star Michael W. Smith featured his version of UPPERROOM worship leader Elyssa Smith’s “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” on his 2018 album Surrounded.
∙ Their 2019 EP Moments: Color 003, consisting of highlights from the prayer room, rose to No. 2 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel Albums chart.
∙ UPPERROOM’s first full-length album, 2019’s To the One, featured songs by worship leaders Meredith Mauldin and Joel Figueroa.
∙ In 2020, they released their first Spanish-language album, Santo Espíritu (Te Amamos), with translated versions of popular UPPERROOM songs, including “You and You Alone.”

    Dallas, TX
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