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Unified Highway is a collaboration between San Francisco-based singer/guitarist Eric Rachmany and Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Amp Live. Prior to this union, Rachmany served as the singer for popular reggae group Rebelution, while Amp Live is a member of hip-hop duo Zion I as well as a successful solo artist and remixer. The two began recording together in 2014 combining elements of reggae, soul, hip-hop, R&B, and pop into their unique mix. By the time they'd completed their first album, they'd added guest spots from a variety of artists like folk-pop singer Shana Halligan, reggae singer Tahir Panton, and dancehall artist Keznamdi. Their self-titled debut album arrived via the Audible Collision label in March of 2016. ~ Timothy Monger

    Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA
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