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About Tomas Barfod

Danish polymath Tomas Barfod is a DJ, drummer, and producer known for the atmospheric electronic music he makes on his own, and as a producer with other artists. Growing up in Denmark, Barfod started playing drums at age ten. However, inspired by late-'80s rave culture, he eventually began expanding his skills into electronica and DJ music. In 1999, Barfod formed the electronic duo Filur with DJ/producer Kasper Bjørke, with whom he has released several albums including, among others, Exciting Comfort (2001) and Deeply Superficial (2002). Although largely known for his electronic production, he never gave up the drums, and in 2003 he formed the experimental jazz and pop trio WhoMadeWho with guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg and vocalist/bassist Tomas Høffding. As a solo artist, Barfod started out releasing singles and EPs, including Northern Scapes (2004), Neon Strobe (2005), Mr. Fleurquin (2008), and Broken Glass (2009).

In 2012, he released his debut full-length album, Salton Sea, which quickly drew praise from critics and fans for its expansive electronic production that touched upon dance music, pop, and instrumental soundscapes. Two years later, he returned with his sophomore full-length album, Love Me, featuring collaborations with Nina K and Luke Temple. In 2017, Barfod followed-up with Paloma, which included the tracks "Things That Matter," featuring the Raveonettes' Sharin Foo, and "Family," with Jonas Smith. ~ Matt Collar


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