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About Throwing Up

The slightly unpleasant moniker of East London trio Throwing Up was reflected somewhat in the attitude of their fuzzy punk rock music with a raw and explosive energy that can be traced back to the unruly D.I.Y. sound of the genre's heritage. The band was conceived in late 2011 by Camille Benett (guitar/vocals) and Clare James Clare (bass/vocals) after their previous band, Headless, disbanded. Their sound combined a collection of diverse influences, from Nirvana and the Attack to female-fronted pop acts such as Eurythmics and Stevie Nicks, alongside infectious melodies and carefree lyrics. Andrew Moran was added on drums to complete the lineup and the trio proceeded to build a reputation for their rambunctious live shows as they played small gigs in London throughout 2012. Soon after catching one of their shows, Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess snapped them up to his O Genesis label and mixed their debut album with label partner -- and skilled engineer -- Jim Spencer. The resulting record, entitled Over You, was released in 2013.

London, England