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One of the toughest bands from the first wave of punk, The Saints didn’t hail from a cultural mecca like London or New York but rather from Brisbane, Australia. In 1973, vocalist Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper were blue-collar teens who bonded over a love of The Stooges, the MC5, and greaser rock. Their 1976 single “(I’m) Stranded,” included on their first album, became a punk anthem. Its snarling riffage and message of political alienation inspired a wave of young Australians, Nick Cave included, to start their own punk bands. Beginning with The Saints’ second record, Eternally Yours, they pivoted toward a more melodic style informed by vintage R&B. After Kuepper’s departure in 1979 (he would go on to form Laughing Clowns), The Saints basically became Bailey’s backing outfit. His love of American blues defined their sound for the rest of their career. But while an album like 2002’s Spit the Blues Out is far removed from the band’s roaring punk, the angst fueling Bailey’s working-class growl and lyrics only deepened with time. When the singer passed away in 2022, he was rightfully hailed as one of Australia’s most uncompromising musical voices.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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