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The Saints

The Saints

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The Saints were among Australia's most important rock bands, and the first group from the Antipodes to make a splash on the international punk scene. Their independently produced 1976 debut single, "(I'm) Stranded," was a blazing slice of stripped-to-the-frame rock & roll that became a sensation in Australia and the U.K., and 1977's "This Perfect Day" was a near-perfect encapsulation of the first era of punk. While punk gave the Saints their identity and their first audience, the band refused to be hemmed in by its boundaries, and over the course of four decades, they would make music informed by vintage R&B, jangle pop, moody acoustic sounds, smart radio-friendly pop, and raucous blues-rock. The one constant through the Saints' career was Chris Bailey, whose strong, emphatic vocals and street-smart, emotionally expressive songwriting provided the link that tied together the group's many different moods.

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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