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A Portland, Oregon-based neo-post-punk band in the tradition of Interpol and I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, the Prids specialize in a moody form of indie rock influenced by '80s college radio stalwarts like the Sisters of Mercy and Echo & the Bunnymen, but their gothy doominess is crossed with a committed political viewpoint heavy on animal rights and vegan issues, much like the bands in the Crass collective. The core of the Prids is the vocal duo of guitarist David Frederickson and bassist Mistina Keith (aka Tipper), who first formed the band in 1998 while students at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph. Moving to the comparatively large city of Lincoln, Nebraska, the Prids added keyboardist Trenor Rapki and drummer Jairus Smith before they debuted with 2000's Duracraft EP. Resettling yet again to the indie-boho mecca of Portland, Keith and Frederickson replaced Rapki and Smith with keyboardist Eric Hold and drummer Lee Zeman for the 2002 EP Glide, Screamer and the 2003 full-length debut Love Zero. Following a pair of 2004 7" singles for the Luminal label, "Shadow and Shadow" and "Let It Go," the Prids made another lineup change, replacing Zeman with Seattle-based drummer Joey Maas. The reconstituted band signed with the Brooklyn-based indie Five03 Records and released its second full-length, Until the World Is Beautiful, in the summer of 2006. ~ Stewart Mason

    St. Joseph, MO

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